In this English course we are going to support your work in your final semester career program courses by looking at report writing and presentations. As well, we are going to focus on language you will need for CVs and job interviews.

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According to the researchers exploring and descriptive about the reason that make women life longer than men. The trend of incidence mortality for women declining every year all over the world rather than men. There are some reason for men die before women, such as car accident, homicides and suicides.

Some tips for successful presentation:
1- Be very clear about how much time you have - and stick to that time in preparing your presentation.
2- Be very clear about your key message - and ensure that everything in your presentation is both consistent with, and supportive of, that key message.
3- Structure your talk.
4- Keep your slides simple (content).
5- Keep your slides simple (design).
6- Beware of animations and multimedia.

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Nowadays, AIDS becomes an epidemic disease that has a high rate of incidence. There are some risk factors that increase the possibility of having AIDS, such as: using dirty syringes. The mortality rate has been increased among AIDS patients. One possible reason for that is lack of education. This disease happens in sequential stages. Each stage has different signs and symptoms. AIDS patients are kept under strict surveillance to prevent more cases to appear.

The Most Important Tips For Presentations

1.Eye Contact
2.Timing your presentation equally between slides
3.Provide handout for the audience
4.Design, color, fonts:
-Use simple and clear background.
-Use the same background consistently throughout your presentation
-Use color to emphasize a point and different size fonts for main points and secondary points
5.Key words, pictures, graphs:
-Use graphs rather than just charts and words
-Always title your graphs
-Do not use animation
-Use key words and phrases only, not long sentences
6.Spelling and Grammar:
-Check spelling mistakes and grammar errors
-Have someone else check your presentation. He or she may see something wrong and you thought it is right
-Summarize your presentation and provide some recommendations
-Do not end the presentation suddenly
- Invite the audience to ask, politely.

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""""my most important piece of advice is: "Do something (anything). If you don't do anything, you won't get anywhere. Make it your hobby, not a chore, but above all have fun!"

Don't be in too much of a hurry. You're setting off on a long journey and there'll be delays and frustrations along the way. Sometimes you'll be in the fast lane and other times you'll be stuck in traffic, but there will also be lots of interesting things and interesting people along the way. Take your time to really enjoy the experience.

There are many ways to improve your level of English, but only you can find the right way for you. Here are a few tips that might help:-

Improve your Learning Skills

Learning is a skill and it can be improved.

Your path to learning effectively is through knowing

  • yourself
  • your capacity to learn
  • processes you have successfully used in the past
  • your interest, and knowledge of what you wish to learn

Motivate yourself

If you are not motivated to learn English you will become frustrated and give up. Ask yourself the following questions, and be honest:-

  • Why do you need to learn/improve English?
  • Where will you need to use English?
  • What skills do you need to learn/improve? (Reading/Writing/Listening/Speaking)
  • How soon do you need to see results?
  • How much time can you afford to devote to learning English.
  • How much money can you afford to devote to learning English.
  • Do you have a plan or learning strategy?

Set yourself achievable goals

You know how much time you can dedicate to learning English, but a short time each day will produce better, longer-term results than a full day on the weekend and then nothing for two weeks.

Joining a short intensive course could produce better results than joining a course that takes place once a week for six months.

Here are some goals you could set yourself:-

  • Join an English course (and attend regularly).
  • Do your homework.
  • Read a book a month.
  • Learn a new word every day.
  • Visit an English speaking forum every day.
  • Read a news article on the net every day.
  • Do 10 minutes listening practice every day.
  • Watch an English film at least once a month.
  • Follow a soap, comedy or radio or TV drama.

A good way to meet your goals is to establish a system of rewards and punishments.

Decide on a reward you will give yourself for fulfilling your goals for a month.

  • A bottle of your favourite drink
  • A meal out / or a nice meal at home
  • A new outfit
  • A manicure or massage

Understanding how you learn best may also help

There are different ways to learn. Find out what kind of learner you are in order to better understand how to learn more effectively.."""""

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